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NO child is supposed to hurt, sadly, too many adults can not handle the truths of the devastations of sexual abuse. how can a society exist if children are continually robbed of themselves? Before we display your poetry, you must state you give us permission to post it on our website. This site is owned and maintained by Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc., a non-profit agency funded in part by United Way of Lee, Hendry and Glades Counties, Lee County, Florida Department of Health, Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Florida Council Against Sexual Violence, City of Fort Myers, City of Cape Coral, The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Office of the Attorney General, The Bobby Nichols - Fiddlesticks Charity Foundation, fundraising and donations from the community.VOX joined Partnership Against Domestic Violence Teen Summit to give teens a chance to speak up about what matters to them about dating, dating violence and healthy relationships.Poetry Little girl, Little girl Come out to play For what you hide I do seek You know you want to play with me My love for you is pure, most deep Be a good girl now, I’ll never tell, Will you?Sweet Child secrets you will keep No one will believe you, Shut the door What happened: she says He took my childhood and with it me Made me play his game, Dirty bed No pillow soft enough to lay my head Stolen, Trashed, My childhood dreams Buttons undone Ripped My seams Innocence, Now colored black I hold, Within me, My little girl’s life of lies His touch, His sins, I can not forget I cry I scrub I wash I scrub again His hands His breath Won’t wash away Artist’s Notes: Just the thoughts and images that coincide with my emotions while i wrote this have left me depleted of my ‘all’ It is incumbent upon EVERY adult to speak up for the children who have had their breath sucked out of their childhood’s of innocence and laughter. Note: If you would like for us to show your poetry on our website, please submit it to [email protected] review.According to feminist psychiatrist, Judith Jordan, "A powerful social function of shaming people is to silence them.This is an insidious, pervasive mode of oppression, in many ways more effective than physical oppression" (Jordan, 1989). Whether or not they are survivors of violence, the prevalence of its existence in our society results in some degree of shame and silencing.The perpetrator humiliates and degrades the victim by the act of violence. And finally, shame can be a product of the way institutions in our society treat victims.

One of the consequences of domestic violence and sexual assault is the shaming of victims.," tell the story of her journey from being a victim of domestic abuse to being a passionate advocate for survival and perseverance."Join me my sisters, my friends, for I am stepping out of the shadows of hopelessness," Holland writes in her poem "Today I Am Wearing Red." "I have decided to take this all important step forward into this sacred moment with the full intention of becoming a new creation." As Holland read her poem aloud, her face filled with strength and determination.These poems, these declarations, are about so much more than simple words.

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This evening, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Intervention Services, known as DASI, will host its annual candlelight vigil in honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The next step in the process, perhaps the most significant for reducing shame, is for the survivor to read her work aloud, and to realize that she can be honest and still accepted by her listeners. by Rosemary Daniell In this book, Ms Daniell tells about her experiences of teaching poetry in prisons, and in low-income schools.